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CARBON BLACK(PB-365)(Pelletized)

  • CARBON BLACK (PB-365) (Pelletized)

    PB-365 which is primary to make use of technology by vacuum pyrolysis let scrap tires has been make into renewable resource.
    Through pyrolysis technology composition of rubber of scrap tires will be converted into oil gas, after rapid cooling , into reusable fuel oil.
    In the tire manufacturing process in which the add chemicals such as carbon black, zinc oxide, silica, clay, calcium carbonate etc.
    In the pyrolysis, oil gas will be separated from the mixture turned black and then magnetically screened to and grinding technology, to transform them into environmentally friendly mixture of carbon black.
    Constituent of about 85% carbon, the other components referred to as the ash content(about 15%).
    Ash source for making the tire, the inorganic chemistry of the added chemicals, including zinc sulfide, silicon dioxide, calcium peroxide, magnesium dioxide etc,.

    Product Specifications:

    Remark:This form shall prevail in actual laboratory report.

    Product Application:
    1.PB-365 is a semi-reinforcing carbon black and be able to partially replace virgin carbon black.
    2.PB-365 is suggested to replace 20~30% of N330 or 20~50% of N660 in original rubber formula and    actual  addition rate is accordance with demand of customer's rubber formula.
    3.PB-365 is certified by PAHs,Heavy metal,Reach test.
    4.PB-365 is certified by Gas Emissions is only 25% of virgin carbon black.
    5.PB-365's manufacturing process is certified by ISO 9001.
       Its quality is stable and monitored under internal lab.

    1,000kg/Jumbo bag;1,000kg/Pallet;10,000kg/20'FCL;22,000kg/40'FCL.